Thursday, March 15, 2012

Air soft guns

So the new rage today are the air soft guns. I see kids running around with these large guns shooting at each other having an "air soft gun war". This has certainly made a lot of moms in the neighborhood nervous as we all have little kids playing outside and these 10 nand 11 year old boys are shooting at each other. Personally I think that they should not be allowed to have them at this age. What happened to the good old Nerf guns? What, they don't look like real guns, aren't heavy like a real gun, and don't hurt like the air soft so why bother playing with them? I think there is something wrong with kids today having to "gear up" just to play with these weapons which is exactly what they are. What is even more interesting is to see the diversity of the kids who have them. From good old church going law abiding parents to parents who let there kids do what ever they want. These things are not cheap either. They run over $100 per gun plus the gear. I think I can find better ways to spend my money.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why are so many kids born with issues today?

Do you often wonder how life today has become so
Stressful and challenging? How is it that here are so many of our children born with "issues"? Why does life seem so much more complicated today then 30 or 40 years ago? We can debate all we want as to the reason for so many disabilities with kids today but the reality is that we really don't know why. I truely believe it has to do with the environment and all the overly processed, and overly filled foods with coloring, perservatives, and all that other stuff. We know that pesticides, fungicides, and genetically engineered foods are not good for us yet we continue to feed them to ourselves and our children. Cost is definitely an issue but are we doing ourselves and our families a disservice by feeding them these foods????? So many of our foods and products are brought in from other countries. Sadly it has to do with companies looking for cheap labor and cheap products. It would be interesting to see what the CEO's of these companies feed their families. I am willing to be they don't eat these foods.

Monday, May 30, 2011


I never fully understood parents who dreaded vacations and summer break.  I long for the days of no schedules, sleeping in, and staying in my pajama's till noon time if I want.  I love spending the lazy days of summer with my children and just having the privilege of watching them enjoy life right in front of me.  No more homework, no more projects, no more crazy schedules.  We will finally be able to sit and have dinner as a family.  3 more weeks.  I can't wait.